Friday, April 2, 2010

Today is the first day

Well, to start off, I'm trying this whole blog thing for the first time. So please, go easy on me LOL A little about me, I am currently unemployed not by choice but I had a work term that ended in February. I live in a small city called Fredericton with my fiancee Matt and my cat "kitty" aka Sasha. I moved here in September 2008. I met Matt online through a dating website. I know, I know people always groan or make a face when I tell them this but he is the best and I definitely don't regret trying online dating. So I'm not sure what else to write at this point so I'll end my "rant" for today. See you tomorrow.


Patrice said...

Can't wait to see what all you have in store! I am new to the blogging world too as of February! Thanks for stopping by lemon tree creations!

ClassyGal said...

Hi Patrice,

Thank you for your kind words, I love your blog!