Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need to take my mind off things

It's 2am and I am staying up because I'm waiting for my fiancee and father in law to come home from the hospital. My mother in law had a heart attack last week and has been in and out of the hospital since. She had been released two days ago but then had problems since and had to go back this evening. I wish I could take all the worry and the pain away for Matt's family but I know I can't. I just have to be there for them. So for now, I'm taking a breather from things and trying to remember a good time that Matt and I had together which is our first trip to Quebec. I'm including some pictures of Quebec city. Hope you enjoy and please keep us in your prayers or send us some positive vibes.

UPDATE: My mother in law is doing much better now, thank you for all the prayers and good wishes. Love ya!


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thanks for the great photos of Quebec. It makes me want to take that trip so bad! Someday we will visit there. I hope your Mother in Law is going to be okay and is back at home real soon. I will say a prayer for her speedy recovery.

The DIY Show Off said...

Beautiful pictures. I'd love to visit some day (in summer!).

Thoughts and prayers for your mother in law.


Cole said...

wow beautiful photos. would love to travel there someday. lovely blog.
nicole visiting from